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Enforce Your Rights In Business Deals And Construction Disputes

When one party fails to live up to their side of a contract, it pays to get proactive. Early intervention by legal counsel may prevent an expensive and drawn-out ordeal. At a minimum, you’ll find out where you stand and be in a stronger negotiating position if you do end up litigating.

I am Tulsa trial lawyer Keaton Taylor. I have a background in the construction industry and experience with a wide range of business litigation. I represent business owners, construction contractors, homeowners and other parties.

Breach Of Contract And Business Litigation In Tulsa

While I have courtroom experience in high-stakes corporate litigation, most of my clients at Taylor Legal, PLLC, are regular people who own and operate small companies or property owners or individuals in disputes with a local business in the Tulsa metro area.

I understand that you are looking for a capable attorney who won’t gouge you or make the conflict worse. I strive for swift resolution and cost-effective representation for any type of dispute:

  • Breach of contract by a customer or vendor
  • UCC and commercial disputes
  • Partnership dispute or buyout
  • Construction liens for nonpayment
  • Unfair business practices by a competitor
  • Defense against lawsuits by clients or employees

Industry Insights In Construction Law

My family is in the construction business, so I am well-versed in construction disputes and day-to-day issues that can go wrong in construction projects. I regularly represent small and mid-size contractors and subcontractors who have not been paid for work performed. Filing a mechanic’s lien against the property must be done correctly to obtain a judgment and, if necessary, initiate foreclosure.

I have also represented homeowners and business owners in disputes with builders over construction defects, nonperformance, fraud, unauthorized substitutions, change orders and cost overruns.

It All Starts With A Sound Business Contract

As an offshoot of my business litigation practice, I provide front-end counsel and representation to entrepreneurs and established companies. I can assist with business formation, commercial contracts, vendor contracts, buy-sell agreements and business transactions, including commercial lease agreements. I put my attention to detail and construction background to good use as I work to define your rights and obligations and avoid many breach of contract situations.

Take Steps To Protect Your Business Interests

Whether you are embarking on a business deal or already mired in a contract dispute, contact me today to set up a free initial consultation. Call my Tulsa office at 918-771-7038 or use the online form.

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