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Whether you are facing criminal charges, mired in a contract dispute or planning your family legacy, you want to know where you stand and what the options are. At Taylor Legal, PLLC, you can expect honest advice and earnest representation, in or out of court. My goal is to help you achieve a favorable resolution.

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I am Rogers County attorney Keaton Taylor. I’ve had big cases, including murder trials and high-stakes corporate litigation, but most of my clients are regular people who don’t have a lawyer on speed dial.

Maybe this is the first time you’ve needed an attorney or the first time in a long time. My aim is to put you at ease so we can talk through your predicament and brainstorm a plan of action. I have handled a wide range of matters and I’d like to become your trusted “go-to” whenever your family or your business needs legal counsel.

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My approach to business disputes or criminal charges is to engage the other side and seek resolution rather than going in with guns blazing. But I am an accomplished litigator, and I will not hesitate to fight for my clients. I like to say I’m a nice guy until there’s a time and place to “not be nice.”

The key is preparation: investigating the details, researching the law, exploring the alternatives and setting a high bar for the outcome we want to achieve. I will faithfully pursue your goals and protect your interests, at trial if necessary.


Case Dismissed

Individual with previous murder conviction charged with Assault and Battery with a deadly weapon – case dismissed at Preliminary Hearing.

Unlawful Lien

Contractor placed unlawful lien on homeowner’s property and a court order was obtained ordering the lien removed with costs and attorney’s fees awarded to the homeowner.

Sell/Purchase of Business

Coordinated the sale and purchase of a local business and closed the transaction in less than one week.

Avoided Probate

Worked closely with the family of a loved one who was soon to pass, got all the family property transferred into a trust in less than five days and avoided probate for the family altogether.


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“Exceptional attorney cannot recommend him enough! You are in stupendous hands and that’s an understatement!”

– T.M.

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Keaton Taylor

Keaton Taylor

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